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International Education

International Exchange

Since1985, we have had Sister school relationship with Kelowna Secondary School(KSS), in Canada and have exchanged students.  Through AFS and YFU programs, we also welcomed individual exchange students from other countries in the world.  Among them there have been 8 students within the last five years who have studied with us for more than 3 months at a time. Those students have represented the following 6 countries; Germany, Venezuela, America, Netherlands, Italy, and Mexico.

Sister School Daviess County High School

School Excursion

Our students have visited Okinawa, Singapore, and Australia on study tour based on three different curriculums accordingly. In the classes of Integrated Studies before tour, we have given students opportunities to study the history, peace, human rights, economy, politics, society, culture, and climate of the places they visit. They visit famous sightseeing spots, museums and educational institutions so that they can learn about the history and culture.

UNESCO Associated School Membership

In 2014, we became a member of the UNESCO associated school.  As a membership institution, we would like to tackle the problems in terms of human rights, peace, population, food, energy, and environment and so on, and promote the education for sustainable development with other schools around the globe.

UNESCO Assicuated Schools

Super Global High School

In 2014, our school was designated as a member of "Super Global High School" project by the Ministry of Education, Culture. Science and Technology.  The aim of the project is to develop a curriculum where students cultivate "global competency" to be a leader in the global society while learning global issues and communication skills. We are to engage in this project for five years from now, being funded by the national government.

Super Global High School