Kasugai City, where Haruhigaoka High School resides, is located in the center of Japan.  The city is rich in nature, and retains comfortable and known as “The town of Calligraphy”.

  • Kasugai is located in west-central Aichi Prefecture, north of the Nagoya metropolis.  The population is approx. 300,000 as of 2012.  The total area is 92.7 square kilometers.   The area is a characteristic bedroom community for the cities of Nagoya.  Its main industry is manufacturing. Former Nagoya airport is located between Kasugai and neighboring Komaki.

1105 Matusmoto-cho, Kasugai, Aichi 487-8501 JAPAN
TEL +81-568-51-1131
FAX +81-568-51-9781